30-Day Book Challenge: Day 14

A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories - Ray Bradbury

Day 14 - Book Turned Movie and Totally Desecrated


This movie hurts my feelings.


Taking a short story and turning it into a full length movie is never a good idea. (See The Lawnmower Man, every Poe adaptation.) Even if the movie turns out well, the stretching required to fill a two hour time slot makes it a different story.


That A Sound of Thunder is barely related to the short may be the least of its offenses. Grossing only 11.6 m in its four week run, it didn't recoup a quarter of its estimated 52 m budget. It was filmed in 2002, but not released until 2005 because it bankrupted the first production company. They lost their director because he upset Bradbury, (the movie's very existence didn't?) It's kind of the definition of production hell. 


Then, because there's not enough story for the 102 minute runtime, (and no need for more, part of the brilliance of the original is the abrupt ending,) they decided to make up for it with bad science, a fundamental misunderstanding of evolution, jump scares, "time waves"...the list goes on and on. It feels like the only thing it has in common with the story is the name. It looks terrible as well.


When the Simpsons did a better job at adapting your source material for 10 minutes in a Treehouse of Horror episode? You should have just stopped.