A Feast with Dragons Reread (ADWD 8 - AFFC 11)

Participating in the boiledleather.com AFFC/ADWD combined reread, which puts the books that were split by geographic location back in (loose) chronological order. I'll be updating with thoughts on chapters finished and since this is a reread, may contain spoilers.


I'm still here, trucking along through the monster reread. I took a break over Christmas, but read several chapters during snowpocolypse. Thoughts:


Jon II: - I didn't like the placing of this right after Sam I. They're two points of view for the same conversation, so because the dialogue is the same, I found myself doing a lot of skimming. Still, one of the best chapter ends in the series. I can't get over Jon, Ned's truest son, dishing out Northern justice on the man who cut off his father's head. Unstoppably badass. Cheering. 

Even though Ned's his uncle, not his dad. Still awesome.

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Arya I: This chapter's really in Feast and not Storm? It feels like an eternity has happened between Arya arriving in Bravos and where she ends Dance. This is really just a glimpse at the city and the graveworm scene.Which is cool, but...I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm used to showArya now, but I'd have liked to see some vulnerability when confronted with the literal face of death. 


Cersei II: Cersei's insane. Cersei's not the political mastermind she thinks she is. Cersei's desire to fuck over the Tyrell's is leading to her own downfall. It's really frustrating, because I think she does know how to rule. She's let her fear of this prophecy, (and her alcoholism,) blind her. Add a healthy dash of  ego and boom! Alienating loyal courtiers, family, and trusting Qyburn of all people. Ugh. You are walking into your own doom, girl.


Jaime I: This chapter is the basis of one of my favorite theories that will never matter/come up again (Linkphoboic: The Red Viper was poisoning Tywin with Widow's Tears, leading to the whole rotting horror. Tyrion killed a man who was already dying.) It also features more parallels between the Lannister sibs with Jaime repeating, "Lancel and Osmund Kettleblack and Moon Boy for all I know," the same way Tyrion obsesses over, "wherever whores go."


His Tyrell scheme is very astute. Cersei and Tyrion write him off, but Jaime's really smart and would be a good political player if anyone ever looked at him for more than his sword hand. (I like that the show portrayed him as dyslexic. Headcannon accepted.)


Brienne II: Dunk's shield!


And Pod breaks my damn heart.


Sansa I: "He is serving me lies as well, Sansa realized." "...sometimes it seemed to her that the Lord Protector was two people as well...And Littlefinger was no friend of hers." Thirteen, terrified, and learning the game at the knee of a master. Your faves could never.


Jon II: ADWD 8

Arya I: AFFC 7

Cersei II: AFFC 8

Jaime I: AFFC 9

Brienne II: AFFC 10

Sansa I: AFFC 11

The Kraken’s Daughter (Asha I): AFFC 12

Tyrion III: ADWD 9

Davos I: ADWD 10

Jon III: ADWD 11

Daenerys II: ADWD 12

Reek I (Theon I): ADWD 13

Cersei III: AFFC 13

The Soiled Knight (Arys): AFFC 14

Bran II: ADWD 14

Tyrion IV: ADWD 15

Davos II: ADWD 16

Brienne III: AFFC 15

Samwell II: AFFC 16

Daenerys III: ADWD 17

Jon IV: ADWD 18

Jaime II: AFFC 17

Tyrion V: ADWD 19

Cersei IV: AFFC 18

Davos III: ADWD 20

The Iron Captain (Victarion I): AFFC 19

The Drowned Man (Aeron II): AFFC 20

Brienne IV: AFFC 21

The Queenmaker (Arianne I): AFFC 22

Arya II: AFFC 23

Alayne I (Sansa II): AFFC 24

Cersei V: AFFC 25

Reek II (Theon II): ADWD 21

Jon V: ADWD 22

Tyrion VI: ADWD 23

Daenerys IV: ADWD 24

The Lost Lord (Jon Connington I): ADWD 25

The Windblown (Quentyn II): ADWD 26

The Wayward Bride (Asha II): ADWD 27

Brienne V: AFFC 26

Samwell III: AFFC 27

Jaime III: AFFC 28

Tyrion VII: ADWD 28

Jon VI: ADWD 29

Davos IV: ADWD 30

Cersei VI: AFFC 29

The Reaver (Victarion II): AFFC 30

Daenerys V: ADWD 31

Melisandre I: ADWD 32

Jaime IV: AFFC 31

Brienne VI: AFFC 32

Reek III (Theon III): ADWD 33

Tyrion VIII: ADWD 34

Cersei VII: AFFC 33

Jaime V: AFFC 34

Cat of the Canals (Arya III): AFFC 35

Samwell IV: AFFC 36

Cersei VIII: AFFC 37

Brienne VII: AFFC 38

Jaime VI: AFFC 39

Cersei IX: AFFC 40

The Princess in the Tower (Arianne II): AFFC 41 ^

Bran III: ADWD 35

Jon VII: ADWD 36

Daenerys VI: ADWD 37

The Prince of Winterfell (Theon IV): ADWD 38

The Watcher (Areo II): ADWD 39


Tyrion IX: ADWD 41

The Turncloak (Theon V): ADWD 42

The King’s Prize (Asha III): ADWD 43

Daenerys VII: ADWD 44

Alayne II (Sansa III): AFFC 42

Jon IX: ADWD 45

Brienne VIII: AFFC 43

Cersei X: AFFC 44

Jaime VII: AFFC 45

Samwell V: AFFC 46

The Blind Girl (Arya IV): ADWD 46

A Ghost in Winterfell (Theon VI): ADWD 47

Tyrion X: ADWD 48

Jaime VIII: ADWD 49

Jon X: ADWD 50

Daenerys VIII: ADWD 51

Theon VII: ADWD 52

Daenerys IX: ADWD 53

Jon XI: ADWD 54

Cersei XI: ADWD 55

The Queensguard (Barristan I): ADWD 56

The Iron Suitor (Victarion III): ADWD 57

Tyrion XI: ADWD 58

Jon XII: ADWD 59

The Discarded Knight (Barristan II): ADWD 60

The Spurned Suitor (Quentyn III): ADWD 61

The Griffin Reborn (Jon Connington II): ADWD 62

The Sacrifice (Asha IV): ADWD 63

Victarion IV: ADWD 64

The Ugly Little Girl (Arya V): ADWD 65

Cersei XII: ADWD 66

Tyrion XII: ADWD 67

The Kingbreaker (Barristan III): ADWD 68

The Dragontamer (Quentyn IV): ADWD 69


The Queen’s Hand (Barristan IV): ADWD 71

Daenerys X: ADWD 72

Epilogue (Kevan): ADWD 73

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