Practice Cake (Life in Saltwater City, #1)

Practice Cake (Life in Saltwater City, #1) - Dalya Moon

Practice Cake is about Maddie, a recent high school graduate torn between childhood and adulthood. Unfortunately, she exhibits her childish side by making every single possible wrong decision for the entire book. She exhibits her adult side by...

Sorry, I got nothing.

Maddie takes a job at a bakery to pay for her dream car. She then stumbles into reality tv, has a lot of boy problems that could be solved by TALKING to the people she's necking with, spends all of her car money on frivolous things, and invents a really stupid new cookie that a) already exists and b)crispy cookies suck.

The book claims to be a romantic comedy love triangle. If the choice is between Parker, the insufferably smug potential lawyer who treats her like dirt, and Drew, the hot-cold flirt, I'd date Snackboy. (Her sister's gross hipster boyfriend who cheats, but totally changed this time until Maddie taught her sister the value of self-worth, I guess.)

A lot of the language and descriptions do feel like they were written by authentic teenagers, which makes things like unicycles and two seated bikes feel even more out of place. There's a lot of references to Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, and Amy Winehouse's death that I think aren't going to age well. Oh, there was this conversation:

“Like Sex and the City?” Echo asked, her penciled-in light brown eyebrows raised. 
In unison, the three of us said, “Yes, but without the readhead.”

“I’m the Miranda because I’m the sensible one,” Jaslene said.

I don't really have a point about that, except that it's wrong and weirdly annoyed me. 

The end was rushed and none of the characters were enjoyable or relatable. The only nice thing to say is it was an incredibly fast read.