Crossed (Matched Trilogy Series #2)

Crossed (Matched Trilogy Series #2) -

Not quite as good as the first, Crossed can't stand alone and yet makes me ravenous for the next book. 

Cassia leaves the Borough to find Ky in the Outer Providences, while searching for a life outside the Society's confines. A simple plot spruced up with the addition of some interesting new characters and a lot of revelations about Ky's previous life and Society as a whole. 

My biggest problem is Cassia spends a lot of time running, but the book never makes it seem like anyone's chasing. There's one tense scene, in the cave when it seems like the Society might be on to them, but the majority of the conflict is internal. That can work in a lot of books, but it did seem to hold the plot back at points, rather than drive it forward.

Still, wholly enjoyable. I devoured it. A few theories/predictions for Reached:


- Xander's evil. No genius student doctor doesn't know what the blue pills do. Only question is if he was trying to kill Cassia or Ky with that gift. (I suspect Ky, figuring Cassia would hold out on taking them.)
- "He" at the end of this book will be Xander, not Ky.
- Cassia and Ky are both Pilots, uniting the farmers and Central against the Society.
- Cassia is really important to Society. They probably want her to be their leader or something.
- The Rising blows and is just as restrictive as the Society. We're looking at a Snow/Coin situation here. 
- Indie will die, probably after doing something evil but then redeeming herself. We'll see Eli again, probably just in time for HIM to die too.
- The Enemy is the Society bombing it's own citizens.