30-Day Book Challenge: Day 7

This Is a Book - Demetri Martin

Day 07 - A Book That Makes You Laugh


This is a Book by Demetri Martin. I loved and desperately miss Martin's television show, Important Things. If you've ever seen the show or his standup, it might seem impossible to translate to a book, what with the songs and the drawing pad. You are wrong. 


Rarely do I read something that so accurately captures voice, but reading this book is like having your own personal Demetri to narrate to you. And personal-Demetri is hilarious.


Honorable Mention: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling  


I didn't mean to read this book. It was on the bedside table and I picked it up to look at the back cover. Next thing I know, my Saturday's gone and I'm chuckling over a third list and a story about fad diets.