30-Day Book Challenge: Day 10

The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan

Day 10 - A Book That Reminds You of Home


This book reminds me of home in a two-fold way. Sorry, I might get wordy.


My parents were both ex-readers. We had shelves and shelves of books growing up, but I rarely saw them read. The exception was the Wheel of Time series.


My dad had these hilariously ratty paperback copies that he would take to work at the auto factory. He'd hold them open with one hand while he installed windshields with the other, so the spines were absolutely ravaged. I could take the front cover all the way to the back. When they still had covers. Some were held together with strips of duct tape wrapped around the middle. 


His copy of EotW was actually only the first 100 pages. It was a preview copy that came packaged with a video game, (I want to say the '95 Shannara,) and anyone who's read EotW knows, those are some of the hardest pages in fantasy. He was always trying to get me into the series, (I think because I was reading him out of house and home,) but the walking to the Two Rivers is so boring. SO BORING. But he persisted because it was important to him that we share this series, (and that I stop buying every book I could carry.)


Once I made it though the first chapters, though, I fell in love with the book. Then the series. Then the fansite wotmania, where I was able to really open up for the first time and make friends that weren't toxic as fuck. I've been online for a long time now, (12 years,) and that site was IT for five of them. I'd be logged in for hours. I went to meetups. I had the shirt. It remains a daily part of my life, even though it was shut down, through my husband and my best friends Jessie and Maddy. 


So Eye of the World connects me with a dad who still doesn't really understand my book obsession, and introduced me to the people who accept me. That's home.