30-Day Book Challenge: Day 12

All Together Dead  - Johanna Parker, Charlaine Harris

Day 12 - A Book You Love but Hate at the Same Time


This one's a toss up between a couple Sookie Stackhouse books. The entire series is a guilty pleasure, but somewhere in the book 5-7 range is where it really jumped the shark. I like books 1-4. I HATE books 8-11. The middle books were just good enough to keep me hoping that we'd get back to the fun stuff.


Dead as a Doornail is forgettable, not loved or hated. And the only thing I really love about Definitely Dead is that scene with Quinn. So I decided to go with book seven, All Together Dead, because I love Sophie-Anne and Quinn and Eric.


It's ridiculous. The vampires all go to Chicago for a symposium in (essentially) the Luxor hotel. Sookie has to go to read the minds of the humans who will be there, because sure. Quinn has to go because his company is in charge of setting it up. There are bombs and a trial and a wedding and an accidental wedding and murder and... It's the last time the books were fun. But, nothing makes any sense, the government gets involved, and...it's the last time the books were any fun.