30-Day Book Challenge: Day 24

The Listeners - Harrison Demchick

Day 24 - A Book You Wish More People Would've Read


I don't particularly like horror stories, especially zombies. I never saw Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later. I hated Zombieland. I didn't finish World War Z three separate times and I keep shunting off Feed


But I love The Listeners.


It's psychological and atmospheric and tragic.The language is intense; you can actually feel the main character's decent into insanity as the world crumbles around him. It kills me that this book only has 32 ratings. 


Seriously, it's $6 on Kindle. I'll go halvsies with you. 


Runner up: The Mad Scientist's Daughter. Why did this have to release on the same day as the similarly named, and more popular, The Madman's Daughter? Complete bull poo.