The Selection -

Why did I decide to read this? I saw the reviews. I knew what it was.


Seriously, I'm only a chapter in but already nothing makes sense. The narrator's voice is grating and she keeps alluding to things without explaining them. Except that Halloween doesn't exist. There is that. In fact, the world building is all kinds of shit. Why pick the girls from a lottery when you're trying to find a queen? Shouldn't it be like an essay contest or at least a beauty pageant? Even on the Bachelor, you have to fill out an application that's reviewed, not just drawn out of a hat. Are the districts divided up by caste? Why is there a whole caste level just for artists anyway? 


Writing is generally poor. 


"'And since when do boys come by?' I heard my voice getting higher and higher.


'A while,' Dad said..." 


Should that be "For a while"? "Once in a while"? "While you were busy not explaining the world building to the audience, instead moping about about something that's preventing you from filling out a goddamn form."? "A while." is not a sentence. It's not a thought. It means nothing.

 Like this plot.

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