The Selection -

Credit where it's due, it's not a lottery. They just tell the unwashed masses it is because reasons.


The whole caste system is so insanely ill-defined. As far as I can tell, it goes: 


1 - Royalty

2 - Rich People

3 - Slightly less rich people (highly skilled labor like doctors?)

4 - Shopkeeps, farmers, and factory workers (skilled labor?)

5 - Starving artists, singers, musicians (HOW IS THIS IT'S OWN CASTE?!)

6 - Unskilled labor, house servants

7 - Unskilled labor, servants not trained to work indoors

8 - Homeless


Well no wonder there's a rebellion. There's no middle class. Two or three wealthy castes and five poor ones? Only women can change, (via marriage,) men are their caste for life and the level is inherited? I didn't take econ or poli-sci, but even I can tell that's a goddamn idiotic way to run your dystopian society.


And the name, "America"... If rebellion ravaged the land after two more world wars, resulting in the absolute destruction of the country we know by that name, why would you choose that name, dozens of years later? I'd imagine it to be a rebellious name, something that would get a kid killed, in these times of unrest. Right? 


If she tells me she's not pretty one more time, the book goes against the wall at high velocity.