The Elite

The Elite - 'Kiera Cass' Absolutely terrible. How can so little possibly happen in so many words? I know the second book in a trilogy is generally the least action packed, but here is a detailed list (obviously full of spoilers, but you really should not care,) of what exactly happens:

America picks Maxon.
No, America picks Aspen.
No, America definitely picks Maxon.
Maxon shows America the secret library full of the actual history of the country, swearing her to secrecy.
America reveals the secret library to her father, leader of the good rebels.
Definitely either Maxon or Aspen.
Marlee is caught fooling around with a guard.
Marlee and guard are publicly caned.
America throws a complete shit-fit trying to stop the caning, assaulting multiple guards in the process.
America continues to fool around with a guard, despite just seeing the consequences.
Definitely, definitely Aspen.
The last five throw balls for visiting dignitaries.
Oh no, Maxon loves Kriss now!
Maxon reveals that he didn't let Marlee be thrown out onto the streets, but made her a servant in the palace.
America chooses Maxon.
Maxon is caught kissing Celeste, the mean girl who puts glass in people's shoes.
America chooses Aspen, but he's kind of a dick.
Maybe America doesn't have to choose either of them...
America calls the the dismantlement of the monarchy on live national television.
America is thrown out of the game.
Just then, the rebels attack.
America and Maxon are locked in a safe room together.
America chooses Maxon.
America gets to stay.

Jesus tap-dancing Christ, pick a guy and stick with him for an entire day. Or forsake boys and go be a teacher. Focus on this new found rebellious spirit you've discovered. Literally ANYTHING but what goes on in this book.